AVM Fritz!Box 6820 3G/4G in Africa

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    I am currently using the new AVM6820 (4G,3G and 2G) in Kigali, Rwanda, where Korea Telecom and the governement in a joint company ORN is rapidly expanding the network, using fiber to connect cell towers. ORN offers 4G through three existing operators using a single network with the network number 65317. Airtel and MTN so far offer 4G only cards in addition to their existing 3G cards. These cards work well in the 6820 but you'r locked out from 3G and 2G. The router won't even make a network overview over the other bands. If you put in a MTN 3G card and ask the router to search for 3G cells, nothing is found until the router five minutes later tells that no LTE could be found.

    The solution lies with the third operator Tigo. You can buy a prepaid 3G card (passport needed) and for a fee have it upgraded to 4G also. There are different APNS for 2,3G versus 4G but the router adjusts this automatically. If there is LTE available, this will be used, otherwise the router switches to 3G, or 2G. As with any quality router, you can select the LTE band, but so far Rwanda is using 800 with 1800 coming. Thus, the router works just as well as in Europe, provided that the SIM card is compatible.

    The LTE only AVM6840 also works with all three 4G cards. Another router which works fine is the ZTE MF93D. The iphone 6 works also for LTE and 3 G with the nano part of the Tigo sim (it splits into nano, micro and mini and can be put together again). Wifi tethering works. The Samsung S6 is also said to work, some older Samsung 4G models will only show 3G.

    There is every reason to bring your own equipment since the Alcatel and Huawei (E5172) routers offered by the ISPs are totally uninteresting, no antenna connectors and a minimum of signal information. In the Alcatel Y850 hotspot there is none at all, it is the most rudimentary hotspot that I have ever seen. Buyers of the 6820 should get the third party external antenna connector kit to ensure that external antennas can be used. It is a good idea to have a directional mimo antenna, since the interference level is high (low SINR, but still good speeds) which is probably due to the use of GSM towers on the hills that are so typical of the country. THis makes LTE cell planning tricky. FYI, there is a customer 4G centre in Kigali and service centers of all relevant ISPs for buying simcards are found within a couple of hundred meters from the 4G Centre. English and french are spoken everywhere. The only remnants of the german presence until 1916 is the first stone house built in Kigal by Herr Doktor Kandt, a german explorer. Rwandans seem to view this early volonial presence as rather benign.
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    Simply, the "G" stands for "GENERATION" . While you connected to internet, the speed of your internet is depends upon the signal strength that has been shown in alphabets like 2G, 3G, 4G etc. right next to the signal bar on your home screen.

    2G – Delivered digital signal and offered up to 250Kbps speed. Supports voice, text and data services.

    3G – At least 200Kbps up to 3Mbps speed.

    4G – 4G delivers up to 100Mbps for mobile access, and up to 1Gbps for wireless access. Most wireless carriers offering HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) at up to 6Mbps are claiming that they offer 4G network.

    4G LTE – LTE (Long Term Evolution) is one of the two standards offered within 4G, and WiMax being the second one. The specification calls for downlink speed of up to 300Mbps and uplink speed of up to 75Mbps.

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