AVM fw 6.50 in 6840 causes instability with Hi3G Carrie Aggregation cells

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    Hutchinson Hi3G runs a network in Sweden with LTE. They are currently implementing Carrier Aggregation in that network which operates on FDD 800 and 2600 in addition to TDD. An experienced user reports serious problems with fw 6.50 on AVM 6840 in an area where CA is activated. The router will quickly jump from one cell to another and even lock on to non Hi3Cells on band 3 (1800) making the connection non functional. The router then has to be restarted. As it is Hi3G in sweden does not use FDD1800. The problem can be mitigated by not opening 6.50 for 1800.

    With fw 6.30, the problem does not appear.

    When he uses a new CA-ready huawei router, the problem does not appear

    I am now in Sweden, although it is dubious whether Hi3G Carrier aggregation is active in my area. I have tested Hi3g with AVM6840 fw 6.30 and 6.50 (one each (for periods longer than 24 hours witth absolutely stable connections, no interruptions and no cell handovers.

    Same good result with AVM6820 and fw 6.50.

    It could be that the problem is linked to Hi3G sometimes deviating from standards.

    Have there been any problems with cell jumping in Germany or Austria with fw 6.50 and carrier aggregation?

    How can one detect if CA is active? I know that my iphone 6+ S should be able to handle CA.

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    Hallo Jonas,

    hilft es nichts, wenn man die 6840 auf 800 oder 2600MHz festlegt? CA kann die 6840 sowieso nicht, dann kann man sich ja auch für eine Frequenz entscheiden. Zumindest sollte dann das Springen zwischen den Zellen aufhören?!?


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