Huawei B593S-22 doesn't work with LTE Watch?

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    I've been struggling with Huawei's 4G router with quite some time and I've had countless discussions with my network operator in Finland (Elisa/Saunalahti) about this issue. I assume the problem lies in the firmware, not in the HW as reportedly the same router works just fine with other NW operators (DNA & Sonera) and their available firmwares for the box. Some people have modified the DNA/Sonera firmware to be used with Elisa/Saunalahti and with that firmware, locking the network works. I don't want to do it because of the warranty void.

    Elisa's own firmware is not configurable enough as the box cannot be locked to use 800MHz LTE network. It stubbornly tries to use 1800MHz network and in my case, that 800MHz would be better as I've been told that specific radio tower is much closer to our house and with much smaller user load. I know it because my LTE phone picks up that tower and it's download speeds are much higher than with Huawei's router.

    Operator helpdesk suggested to use LTE Watch for Huawei but it seems that the SW doesn't work with this specific model and the SW only crashes when attempting to connect to the box. Could it be so that the problem is that upon connection, username & password has to be entered before logging into router?

    Product information:
    Model: B593s-22
    SN: S2Z8W15321000900
    IMEI: 866862020384042
    HW version: Ver.B
    SW version: V200R001B270D25SP00C260
    SW created on: Oct 17 2015 / 09:43:05

    Can someone help me with this? Please make some kind of special build for this specific router, please! : Cool:

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