Tilting an Antennenwerk mimo panel decreased upload speed, no effect on download.

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    A LTE 1800 dual (MIMO) panel was tested in upright and tilted position.

    Tilting the antenna has a negative effect on diversity reception of the upload signal. UL speed went from 18 mbps to 10 mbps. DL speed as measured as instantaneous data rate (Max. Datenrate) and with speedtest.net hardly varied. It was 53 vs 48 mbps in both positions. SINR was about 23 for copolarized signals 5.6 km from the tower.

    Copolarized and cross over repressed signals where shown with an AVM6842 router. Since the panel antenna is DC-shorted, pigtails were used to connect the modem PCI card to the antenna cables.

    For more details, please see the english text in this Swedish forum post. The text in Swedish is only information which would be known to German users of AVM LTE routers.


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