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    Help in english, lock B28 700 mhz Huawei B525-65a router


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    I am on this forum because this forum is on the website where i came closest to resolving my issue.
    I'm an Australian living in the Philippines remote jungle

    I just married my wife, but I have to leave every two months for work.
    28 700 mhz.
    The application by this site called LTEwatch, came close to making it to possible to lock my router to 28 (700mhz) but not close enough.
    The application only allows the locking of many old frequencies.
    I believe B28 700 mhz is a new frequency and that's why the application does not know how to lock it.
    Can an administrator please make a new version with 700 mhz and i will pay.
    Without it, i am completely disconnected from my family.
    I am now SO close.
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